My first Great Dane, Berkley. I made my first
steps into the show ring with Berkley. He
enjoyed what he was doing and learned
quickly, which in turn helped me "learn the
ropes" of owner handling more easily.
However, with gained experience, I realized
his structure and pedigree were not suitable
for passing on to future generations as a
foundation to my breeding. He was never
bred and was placed with a new family as a
neutered pet. Nonetheless, he created a
permanent place in my heart for Great Danes
and got me hooked on the harlequin color!
Christmas 2004
Puppy Luna
Watching TV together...
Amy with 2 week old "Sera"
October - 2009
Our pups are given lots of love and attention from day one!
YUMMY!  :-)
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Beauty in Black & White  ~  Since 2004
Don-Par's Bella Mia  ~  "Mia"
In loving memory, bred by
Donna Parker.
Tolam's Icing On The Cake   ~   "Duncan"
Mia's son, from our first litter back in 2004.
Tragically, Sera died the day after her
spay surgery, even with close
supervision. She inexplicably began
vomiting, immediately followed by
bleeding from her incision. She was
gone very suddenly, in a matter of
minutes, before the vet even had the
chance to get her back into surgery.
Tolam's Seraphim   ~   "Sera"
09/29/2009  -  09/13/2013
Tolam's Phoenix  ~   "Nellie"
Monet was my "heart dog" and the best dog I ever had
the privilege to share my life with. Monet was just too
special for this earth to hold...may we see each other
again one day. A piece of my heart is waiting for me...